​What if something happens in shipment? How do I get a refund?

Once your package leaves our hands and is picked up by the carrier, it is then their responsibility to deliver your package correctly, intact, and on-time. We wish we could be personally deliver your package, but unfortunately that is just not possible.

If you have trouble with your delivery, please contact the carrier directly. We do not offer refunds for missing or broken packages. If the worst happens and something goes wrong with your package in shipment, you can file a claim online with the carrier. Your package was sent insured, thus the carrier will be able to refund you. We wish we could just refund you, but we are small business and we just financially cannot.

We would love to have your business and support, but If you don't like these policies or cannot understand this policy, please consider ordering elsewhere because we would hate for you to be upset if something goes wrong in shipping. We never want unhappy customers!

If you selected shipping protection at checkout, then you may be covered! Please contact customer service here: https://www.fatandweirdcookie.com/pages/contact-us