What are your core flavors?

Core Flavors

Our core flavors are always in stock!

Big Sexy - Thicc and Salty, just the way our cousin Trace likes it. With just the right amount of salted caramel sprinkled in, this classic buttery chocolate chip cookie has a delectable salted caramel hidden inside just waiting to ooze on out. Warm this baby up, and she is sure to please!

Black Beauty - A silky, black cocoa base loaded with white chocolate chips, massive cookie sandwich chunks that add just the right amount of textural indulgence, and stuffed with a cookies and cream bar. If you're in love with America's favorite cookie sandwich, this cookie is for you.

The Brad - Every hunk has a cookie named after him, right?! Our soft and chewy oatmeal cookie base loaded with semi-sweet chocolate chips and giant chocolate chunks. Fit for the most avid chocolate lovers.

The Pudge - Every peanut butter lover's dream. A crunchy peanut butter base woven together with loads of chocolate peanut butter candy pieces, stuffed with an XL chocolate peanut butter cup.

The Party Animal - She’s a little sweet, with a whole lotta party in her. This cookie might even make you hop up on the table top to dance, she’s that good. A soft almond sugar cookie base swirled with an overload of confetti sprinkles, packed with frosted animal cookies, and stuffed with vanilla frosting. Just like a night out on the town, this little lady has everything you need for a wild time.

Pitchin’ Tents - Because that’s what you’ll be doin’ after you take a bite…only because you’ll want to go camping, of course. That’s right, it’s a S’MORES COOKIE! Honey graham dough, tiny & mini marshmallows, chocolate chunks, and a marshmallow chocolate core.

Big Booty Dough - It isn't our birthday anymore, but we still want big booty dough. This is a cake batter funfetti cookie loaded with rainbow party sprinkles, white chocolate chips, cupcake bites, and a cake pop core. That’s right, there’s frosting, sprinkles and cake stuffed INSIDE this cookie! Let's celebrate year round!

Incogni-Dough - This MONSTER cookie will end up warming your heart, especially those that are sensitive to gluten. An oatmeal peanut butter base loaded with chocolate chips and M&M's.

Imposter - This may look like a normal Fat & Weird cookie, but don’t be fooled! This little baby is completely vegan. An indulgent chocolate chip cookie laced with crunchy bits of toasted coconut. We are positive that even non-vegans will have a hard time telling this one from our regular cookies.

Lettie Doughkie - Now you can be on Team Donut and Team Cookie with our newest Doughkie flavor! This is a Biscoff cookie & Krispy Kreme donut cookie base loaded with Biscoff cookie pieces, Krispy Kreme glazed donut chunks. It is stuffed with a Biscoff cookie butter core and topped with toffee bits.

Cookie Anonymous - A blue dough stuffed with chocolate chip cookies, Biscoff Cookies, chocolate sandwich cookies, cookie dough bites, and a Biscoff & chocolate chip frosting core.

Holy Chip - We made a true classic! Nothing crazy here just a chocolate chip cookie, with lots of chocolate.